Toyota 4Runner manuals

Toyota 4Runner: System Diagram


System Description
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION 1. GENERAL (a) The heater and blower both have 3 levels controlled by operating the dial-type refreshing seat switch, which is located in the upper console panel. (b) The on/of ...

Operation Check
OPERATION CHECK 1. CHECK SEAT CUSHION CLIMATE CONTROL BLOWER (a) Turn the engine switch on (IG). (b) Set the refreshing seat switch blower side to level 3 (maximum). (c) Check that the fan motor t ...

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INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL COOLER DRYER (a) Using pliers, install the cooler dryer. (b) Apply a sufficient amount of compressor oil to the contact surfaces of a new O-ring and the cap. Compressor oil: ND-OIL 8 or equivalent ...

Power Seat Position is not Memorized
DESCRIPTION When the seat memory SET switch and a memory switch (M1 or M2) are pressed simultaneously, the main body ECU commands the position control ECU through CAN communication to record the value of each position sensor. WIRING DIAGRAM CAUTION / ...

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