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Toyota 4Runner: Terminals Of Ecu


Text in Illustration


Component with harness connected

(Stabilizer Control ECU)



Terminal No.


Wiring Color

Terminal Description


Specified Condition

F70-1 (SLAL) - Body ground

LG - Body ground

Stabilizer control solenoid valve output signal (for Upper Chamber)

Ignition switch ON

Vehicle stopped

Below 1 V

F70-3 (SLAU) - Body ground

P - Body ground

Stabilizer control solenoid valve output signal (for Lower Chamber)

Ignition switch ON

Vehicle stopped

Below 1 V

F70-6 (SGP1) - Body ground

G - Body ground

Pressure sensor ground


Below 1 V

F70-15 (SBP1) - Body ground

R - Body ground

Power source (Pressure sensor)

Ignition switch ON

4.75 to 5.25 V

F70-17 (SOP1) - Body ground

GR - Body ground

Pressure sensor input signal

Ignition switch ON

0.4 to 4.6 V

F70-22 (GND) - Body ground

W-B - Body ground



Below 1 Ω

F70-24 (IG) - Body ground

B - Body ground

Power source

Ignition switch ON

11 to 14 V

F70-28 (CANL) - F70-29 (CANH)

W - P

CAN communication line

Ignition switch off

54 to 69 Ω

Problem Symptoms Table
PROBLEM SYMPTOMS TABLE HINT: Use the table below to help determine the cause of problem symptoms. If multiple suspected areas are listed, the potential causes of the symptoms are lis ...

Diagnosis System
DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM 1. DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM (a) Indicator light (1) During vehicle stabilizer control operation, the KDSS indicator light comes on when there is a malfunction in the KDSS. NOTICE: ...

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