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Toyota 4Runner: Theft deterrent system

Toyota 4Runner Owners Manual / Before driving / Theft deterrent system

Opening the fuel tank cap
Perform the following steps to open the fuel tank cap: Before refueling the vehicle Vehicles without a smart key system Turn the engine switch off and ensure that all the doors and windows are c ...

Engine immobilizer system
The vehicle’s keys have built-in transponder chips that prevent the engine from starting if a key has not been previously registered in the vehicle’s on-board computer. Never leave the keys i ...

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DISASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT DIFFERENTIAL RING GEAR BACKLASH (a) Using SST and a dial indicator, measure the ring gear backlash. SST: 09564-32011 Standard backlash: 0.11 to 0.21 mm (0.00433 to 0.00827 in.) If the backlash is not as specified, adj ...

INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL REAR FLOOR SIDE AIRBAG SENSOR (a) Turn the ignition switch off. (b) Disconnect the cable from the negative (-) battery terminal. CAUTION: Wait at least 90 seconds after disconnecting the cable from the negative (-) bat ...

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