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Toyota 4Runner: Alignment / Handling Diagnosis

Toyota 4Runner Service Manual / Suspension / Alignment / Handling Diagnosis

INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL RACK AND PINION POWER STEERING GEAR ASSEMBLY (a) Insert the power steering gear assembly into the vehicle in the order shown in the illustration. ...

Front Wheel Alignment

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INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL NO. 1 STEREO JACK ADAPTER ASSEMBLY (a) Attach the 2 claws to install the No. 1 stereo jack adapter assembly. 2. INSTALL LOWER CENTER INSTRUMENT CLUSTER FINISH PANEL SUB-ASSEMBLY (w/o Climate Control Seat System) 3. I ...

Red Indicator Remains On
DESCRIPTION This means that the DCM (Telematics Transceiver) detects a malfunction in the Safety Connect and stores a DTC. PROCEDURE 1. CHECK FOR DTC (a) Turn the ignition switch off. (b) Connect the Techstream to the DLC ...

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