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Toyota 4Runner: Climate Control Seat Switch

Toyota 4Runner Service Manual / Vehicle Interior / Seat / Climate Control Seat Switch



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Vehicle Speed or Engine Speed Signal Malfunction (C2173/73)
DESCRIPTION The tire pressure warning ECU receives a vehicle speed signal from the combination meter and an engine speed signal from the ECM. The tire pressure warning ECU uses these signals to store DTCs C2121/21 to C2124/24 or C2125/25*. *: w/ S ...

Rear No. 1 Seat Inner Belt Assembly(for 60/40 Split Double-folding Seat Type Lh Side)
Components COMPONENTS ILLUSTRATION Installation INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL REAR NO. 1 SEAT INNER BELT ASSEMBLY LH (a) Install the inner belt with the bolt. Torque: 42 N·m {428 kgf·cm, 31 ft·lbf} 2. INSTALL REAR SEATBACK ASSEMBLY LH ...

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