Toyota 4Runner manuals

Toyota 4Runner: Components



Front Upper Suspension Arm

On-vehicle Inspection
ON-VEHICLE INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT FRONT SUSPENSION UPPER ARM BALL JOINT RATTLE (a) Jack up the vehicle. (b) Move the front suspension upper arm up and down by hand and check for rattle. ...

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INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT BRAKE VACUUM CHECK VALVE ASSEMBLY (a) Check that there is ventilation from the booster to the engine and no ventilation from the engine to the booster. Text in Illustration *a ...

INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL PROPELLER SHAFT ASSEMBLY (a) Remove SST from the extension housing. SST: 09325-40010 (b) Install the propeller shaft assembly to the extension housing. (c) Align the matchmarks on the propeller shaft flange and different ...

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