Toyota 4Runner manuals

Toyota 4Runner: Components



Seat Heater Switch

INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT SEAT HEATER SWITCH LH (a) Measure the resistance according to the value(s) in the table below. Standard Resistance: Tester Connection Sw ...

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Acceleration Sensor Malfunction (C1420)
DESCRIPTION Refer to DTCs C1419 and C1435 (See page ). DTC Code DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area C1420 After the difference between GL1 and GL2 becomes 0.6 G or more with the vehicle stati ...

Diagnosis System
DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM 1. DESCRIPTION (a) Air conditioning system data and Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) can be read through the Data Link Connector 3 (DLC3) of the vehicle. When the system seems to be malfunctioning, use the Techstream to check for malfunct ...

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