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Toyota 4Runner: Components



Brake Actuator

On-vehicle Inspection
ON-VEHICLE INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. CONNECT TECHSTREAM (a) Connect the Techstream to the DLC3. (b) Start the engine and run it at idle. (c) Turn the Techstream on. (d) Enter the following menus: ...

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Accumulator Solenoid Malfunction / Upside (C1831/31,C1832/32)
DESCRIPTION The stabilizer control ECU receives information from the steering angle sensor, skid control ECU (speed signal) and yaw rate and acceleration sensor via CAN communication. Based on this information, the stabilizer control ECU turns the stabili ...

INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL TRANSFER ASSEMBLY (a) Install the transfer to the transmission. (b) Install the 8 bolts. Torque: 24 N·m {245 kgf·cm, 18 ft·lbf} 2. INSTALL AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY (a) Install the automatic transmission (See ...

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