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PRECAUTION 1. KINETIC DYNAMIC SUSPENSION SYSTEM CAUTION: Be sure to check the pipe connections and whether or not any hydraulic circuit parts are damaged before performing work, as the ...

System Diagram
SYSTEM DIAGRAM Communication Table Sender Receiver Signal Line ECM Stabilizer control ECU Engine type i ...

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Power Window Motor Malfunction (B2311)
DESCRIPTION The power window regulator motor is operated by the multiplex network master switch or power window regulator switch. The power window regulator motor assembly has motor and ECU functions. This DTC is stored when the power window regulator mo ...

Acceleration Sensor Circuit Malfunction (C1887/87)
DESCRIPTION The stabilizer control ECU receives forward, backward and lateral acceleration information from the yaw rate and acceleration sensor via CAN communication. DTC Code DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area ...

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