Toyota 4Runner manuals

Toyota 4Runner: System Diagram


Communication Table






Main Body ECU (Multiplex Network Body ECU)

  • Shift position P signal
  • Transmission information signal


Main Body ECU (Multiplex Network Body ECU)

Front Power Seat Switch LH

  • Driver seat position request signal
  • Driver seat position data signal
  • Driver's position buzzer request signal
  • Shift position P signal
  • Transmission information signal


System Description
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION 1. FRONT POWER SEAT CONTROL SYSTEM DESCRIPTION The driver seat is equipped with slide, reclining, lifter, front vertical and lumbar support adjustment functions. Th ...

How To Proceed With Troubleshooting
CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT HINT: Use the following procedure to troubleshoot the front power seat control system. *: Use the Techstream. PROCEDURE 1. VEHI ...

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Messages displayed on the accessory meter
Depending on switch operation, one of the following messages may appear on the accessory meter to provide guidance on transfer mode selection etc: Multi-terrain Select is temporarily canceled when The front-wheel drive control lever or switch is shift ...

Traffic Information is not Displayed
CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT NOTICE: Traffic information requires payment. An "XM Nav Traffic" contract must be made between the satellite radio company and the user. If the contract expires, traffic information will not be available. ...

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