Toyota 4Runner manuals

Toyota 4Runner: Unlocking and locking the back door

Press the button to unlock the door.

The back window can be opened by pressing and holding this button.

Press the button to lock the door.

The back window can be closed by pressing and holding this button.

Opening the back door
Press the back door opener. The back door can be opened even if it is locked. ...

Antenna location and effective range
Antenna location 1. Antennas outside the cabin 2. Antennas inside the cabin 3. Antenna outside the luggage compartment Effective range (areas within which the electronic key is detected) Wh ...

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REASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL LOWER BALL JOINT DUST COVER LH (a) Pack the lower arm ball joint with MP grease. Grease capacity: 8.0 g (0.282 oz.) (b) Apply MP grease to the locations shown in the illustration. Text in Illustration ...

Vehicle Speed Signal Circuit between Stereo Component Amplifier and Combination Meter
DESCRIPTION The stereo component amplifier assembly receives a vehicle speed signal from the combination meter assembly to control the ASL function. HINT: A voltage of 12 V or 5 V is output from each ECU and then input to the combination meter ...

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