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Detachable pole antenna
The antenna can be removed. Removing the antenna Place the included wrench around the antenna. When not in use, the wrench is stored in glove box. Loosen the antenna with the wrench and remove ...

Bluetooth® audio system
The Bluetooth® audio system enables you to enjoy music played on a portable digital audio player (portable player) from the vehicle speakers via wireless communication. This audio system support ...

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Trailer hitch assemblies have different weight capacities. Toyota recommends the use of Toyota hitch/bracket for your vehicle. For details, contact your Toyota dealer. • If you wish to install a trailer hitch, contact your Toyota dealer. • Use only a ...

REASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL KEY INTERLOCK SOLENOID WIRE (w/o Smart Key System) (a) Install the key interlock solenoid wire on to the install the ignition switch. 2. INSTALL IGNITION SWITCH ASSEMBLY (w/o Smart Key System) (a) Install the ign ...

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