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Toyota 4Runner: Vehicle data recordings

Your Toyota is equipped with several sophisticated computers that will record certain data, such as:

• Engine speed
• Accelerator status
• Brake status
• Vehicle speed
• Shift position

The recorded data varies according to the vehicle grade level and options with which it is equipped. Furthermore, these computers do not record conversations, sounds or pictures.

• Data usage

Toyota may use the data recorded in these computers to diagnose malfunctions, conduct research and development, and improve quality.

Toyota will not disclose the recorded data to a third party except:

• With the consent of the vehicle owner or with the consent of the lessee if the vehicle is leased
• In response to an official request by the police, a court of law or a government agency
• For use by Toyota in a lawsuit • For research purposes where the data is not tied to a specific vehicle or vehicle owner

• Usage of data collected through Safety Connect (U.S.mainland only) If your Toyota has Safety Connect and if you have subscribed to those services, please refer to the Safety Connect Telematics Subscription Service Agreement for information on data collected and its usage.

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