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Curtain Shield Airbag Assembly

On-vehicle Inspection
ON-VEHICLE INSPECTION CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT HINT: Use the same procedure for the RH and LH sides. The procedure listed below is for the LH side. PROCEDURE 1. CHECK CURTAIN SHI ...

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INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT FRONT SHOCK ABSORBER ASSEMBLY LH (a) Compress and extend the shock absorber rod and check that there is no abnormal resistance or unusual sound during operation. If there is any abnormality, replace the front shock absorbe ...

REASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL FRONT OIL PUMP OIL SEAL (a) Using SST and a hammer, tap in a new oil seal. SST: 09350-30020 09351-32140 HINT: Make sure the oil seal end is flush with the outer edge of the pump body. ...

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