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Front Passenger Side Seat Belt Warning Light Malfunction
DESCRIPTION When the ignition switch is ON, the occupant detection ECU sends a signal to the airbag sensor assembly to indicate the state of the front seat inner belt assembly RH and also whether ...

Airbag System

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PRECAUTION 1. PRECAUTIONS WHEN USING THE TECHSTREAM (a) When using the Techstream with the engine switch off to troubleshoot: Connect the Techstream to the vehicle, and turn a courtesy light switch on and off at 1.5 second intervals until communication b ...

SRS Warning Light does not Come ON
DESCRIPTION Refer to "SRS Warning Light Remains ON" (See page ). WIRING DIAGRAM Refer to "SRS Warning Light Remains ON" (See page ). CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT NOTICE: When disconnecting the cable from the negative (-) battery termin ...

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