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Toyota 4Runner: Maintenance and care

Toyota 4Runner Owners Manual / Maintenance and care

Cleaning and protecting your vehicle, performing do-ityourself maintenance, and maintenance information.

Safety Connect
Safety Connect is a subscription-based telematics service that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) data and embedded cellular technology to provide safety and security features to subscribers. Sa ...

Maintenance and care

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REASSEMBLY CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT CAUTION: Wear protective gloves. Sharp areas on the parts may injure your hands. PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL REAR NO. 1 SEAT PROTECTOR LH (a) Attach the claw to install the protector. 2. INSTALL REAR NO. 1 SEAT PROTECTOR (a) ...

Short to Battery in Hall Effect Sensor Power Circuit (32)
DESCRIPTION When there is a short to battery in the side auto step motor hall sensor power circuit, the side auto step controller ECU assembly will not operate the automatic running board. DTC No. Detection Condition Trou ...

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