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Toyota 4Runner: Messages displayed on the accessory meter

Depending on switch operation, one of the following messages may appear on the accessory meter to provide guidance on transfer mode selection etc:

Multi-terrain Select is temporarily canceled when

The front-wheel drive control lever or switch is shifted to H4 when Multi-terrain Select is in ROCK, MOGUL or LOOSE ROCK mode. The mode indicator will flash until the lever is shifted back to L4.

If the Multi-terrain Select indicator continues to flash

This may indicate a malfunction in the Multi-terrain Select system.

In this case, Multi-terrain Select is automatically canceled. Have your vehicle inspected by your Toyota dealer.

If the Multi-terrain Select indicator goes off while Multi-terrain Select is operating

• One of the vehicle systems related to Multi-terrain Select may be malfunctioning.

Have your vehicle inspected by your Toyota dealer.

• The brake actuator may be at risk of overheating.

A buzzer will sound, the “A-TRAC” indicator will go off and the “TRAC OFF” indicator will come on. Stop the vehicle in a safe place. Refrain from using Multi-terrain Select until the “A-TRAC” indicator comes back on and the “TRAC OFF” indicator goes off. (The vehicle can still be driven, even if Multi-terrain Select is inoperative.)

In the above cases, Multi-terrain Select is automatically canceled.


Before driving

To avoid an accident, observe the precautions relating to off-road driving.

When using Multi-terrain Select

• Do not use the Multi-terrain Select system for normal (on-road) driving.

The Multi-terrain Select system is designed for off-road use only.

• Do not overly rely on Multi-terrain Select. This function does not extend the vehicle’s performance limitations. Always check the terrain thoroughly and drive safely.

• The recommended modes for the listed terrains  are only a reference.

The selected mode may not be suitable to actual off-road conditions due to factors such as the type or unevenness of the terrain or the degree of incline. Check the actual terrain thoroughly and drive safely.

• After selecting a mode, make sure that the Multi-terrain Select indicator and the selected mode indicator come on. If any related indicator flashes, the vehicle is not under Multi-terrain Select control.

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