Toyota 4Runner manuals

Toyota 4Runner: Selecting modes

Press the “ON/OFF” switch.

All the mode indicators will come on and then go off except the indicator for the present mode. The applicable road conditions will be displayed on the accessory meter.

Turn the dial to select the desired mode.

The indicator of the selected mode will come on and the applicable road conditions will be displayed on the accessory meter.

If the mode indicator flashes, Multi-terrain Select cannot be operated. Follow the instructions displayed on the accessory meter and check that the mode indicator stops flashing.

Multi-terrain Select
The Multi-terrain Select system has 4 terrain modes. When a terrain mode is selected in accordance with terrain conditions, engine power and active traction control system is controlled to enhance ...

Messages displayed on the accessory meter
Depending on switch operation, one of the following messages may appear on the accessory meter to provide guidance on transfer mode selection etc: Multi-terrain Select is temporarily canceled w ...

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