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Toyota 4Runner: Operating the system using voice commands

By following voice guidance instructions output from the speaker, voice commands enable to the operation of the Bluetooth® audio system without the need to check the display or operate .

Operation procedure when using voice commands

Press the talk switch and follow voice guidance instructions.

Auxiliary commands when using voice commands

The following auxiliary commands can be used when operating the system using a voice command:

“Cancel”: Exits the Bluetooth® audio setup “Repeat”: Repeats the previous voice guidance instruction “Go back”: Returns to the previous procedure “Help”: Reads aloud the function summary if a help comment is registered for the selected function

Using the Bluetooth® audio system for the first time

Before using the Bluetooth® audio system, it is necessary to register a Bluetooth® enabled portable player in the system. Follow the procedure below to register (pair) a portable player:

Press and hold
until “BT AUDIO” is displayed.


The introductory guidance and portable player name registration instructions are heard.

Select “Pair Audio Players (Pair
audio player)” using a voice command or .

Register a portable player name
by either of the following methods:

a. Select “Record Name” using ,
and say the name to be registered.

b. Press the talk switch and say the name to be registered.

A voice guidance instruction to confirm the input is heard.

Select “Confirm” using a voice
command or .

A passkey is displayed and heard, and a voice guidance instruction for inputting the passkey into the portable player is heard.

Input the passkey into the
portable player.

Refer to the manual that comes with the portable player for the operation of the portable player.

Guidance for registration completion is heard.

If the portable player has a Bluetooth® phone, the phone can be registered at the same time.

Using the Bluetooth® audio system
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Menu list of the Bluetooth® audio system
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