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Definition Of Terms
DEFINITION OF TERMS Term Definition Monitor description Description of what the ECM monitors and how it detects malfunctions (monitoring purpose ...

System Diagram
SYSTEM DIAGRAM The configuration of the electronic control system for the A750E automatic transmission is as shown in the following chart. ...

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Outer Mirror Switch
Components COMPONENTS ILLUSTRATION Removal REMOVAL PROCEDURE 1. REMOVE NO. 2 SWITCH HOLE BASE 2. REMOVE OUTER MIRROR SWITCH ASSEMBLY (a) Using a screwdriver, detach the 4 claws and remove the switch. HINT: Tape the screwdriver tip before u ...

Cruise control
Use the cruise control to maintain a set speed without depressing the accelerator pedal. 1. Indicators 2. Cruise control switch Setting the vehicle speed Press the “ON-OFF” button to activate the cruise control. Cruise control indicator will co ...

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