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Toyota 4Runner: System Diagram


The configuration of the electronic control system for the A750E automatic transmission is as shown in the following chart.

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System Description
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION 1. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION (a) The Electronic Controlled Automatic Transmission (ECT) is an automatic transmission that electronically controls shift timing using the Engine Control ...

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System Description
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION 1. DESCRIPTION (a) System description In the KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System), a cylinder is installed to each of the front and rear stabilizer bars. The front and rear cylinder upper chambers and the front and rear lower cham ...

Occupant Classification ECU Malfunction (B1795)
DESCRIPTION DTC B1795 is stored when a malfunction is detected in the occupant classification ECU. Troubleshoot DTC B1771 first when both DTCs B1771 and B1795 are present. DTC Code DTC Detection Condition Trouble Area ...

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