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Toyota 4Runner: A750e Automatic Transmission / Transaxle

Toyota 4Runner Service Manual / Drivetrain / A750e Automatic Transmission / Transaxle

ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT PARKING BRAKE PEDAL TRAVEL (a) Fully depress the parking brake pedal to engage the parking brake. (b) Depress the pedal again to disengage the parking brake. (c) S ...

Automatic Transmission Assembly

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INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT DIFFERENTIAL LOCK SYSTEM (a) Inspect the indicator light. (1) Check that the indicator light lights up approximately 1 second after the ignition switch is turned ON. (b) Inspect the differential lock operation. (1) Jac ...

Detachable pole antenna
The antenna can be removed. Removing the antenna Place the included wrench around the antenna. When not in use, the wrench is stored in glove box. Loosen the antenna with the wrench and remove it. Installing the antenna Tighten the antenna by one h ...

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