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Back Door Power Window Motor

REMOVAL PROCEDURE 1. DISCONNECT CABLE FROM NEGATIVE BATTERY TERMINAL CAUTION: Wait at least 90 seconds after disconnecting the cable from the negative (-) battery terminal to disable the SRS sys ...

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REASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL FOG LIGHT ASSEMBLY LH 2. INSTALL FOG LIGHT ASSEMBLY RH HINT: Use the same procedure as for the LH side. 3. INSTALL FRONT BUMPER MOULDING SUB-ASSEMBLY (a) Attach the 4 claws and 12 guides to install the front bumper mou ...

Inside Vehicle
General Maintenance GENERAL MAINTENANCE CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT Performing the following maintenance checks on the vehicle is the owner's responsibility. The owner may perform the maintenance or take the vehicle to a service center. Check the part ...

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