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Rear Differential Carrier Oil Seal

REPLACEMENT PROCEDURE 1. REMOVE REAR PROPELLER SHAFT ASSEMBLY (a) for 2WD: Remove the rear propeller shaft assembly (See page ). (b) for 4WD: Remove the rear propeller shaft assembly (See page ...

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REMOVAL CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT CAUTION: Wear protective gloves. Sharp areas on the parts may injure your hands. PROCEDURE 1. REMOVE REAR SEAT CUSHION HINGE COVER (a) Using a moulding remover, detach the 3 claws and remove the cover. 2. REMOVE REAR SE ...

Unable To Connect To Call Center
DESCRIPTION This may occur when the intensity of the telephone radio frequency was very weak, PRL updates are required or the Safety Connect system has a malfunction, and a DTC is stored. PROCEDURE 1. CHECK COMMUNICATION SERVICE C ...

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