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Toyota 4Runner: Ejecting CDs

Ejecting a CD (type A and B)

Press and remove the CD.

Ejecting a CD (type C)

select the CD to be ejected, press
( ) or

The selected CD number is shown
on the display.

Press and remove the CD.

Ejecting all the CDs (type C only)

Press and hold until you hear a beep, and then
remove the CDs.

Selecting a track

Press “∧” to move up or “∨” to move down using until the desired track number is

Fast-forwarding and rewinding tracks

Type A: Press (
) or  (

Type B and C: Press and hold “∧” or “∨” on .

Scanning tracks


The first ten seconds of each track will be played.

To cancel, press again.

again when the desired track is

Selecting a CD (type C only)

Selecting a CD to play

Press (
) or

Scanning loaded CDs

Press and hold
until you hear a beep.

The first ten seconds of the first track on each CD will be played.

To cancel, press again.

again when the desired CD is

Playing and pausing tracks (type B and C)

Press .

Random playback

Current CD

Press (RAND) or

Songs are played in random order.

To cancel, press the button once more (type A and B), or twice more (type C).

All CDs (type C only)

Press (RDM) twice.

Tracks on all loaded CDs are played in random order.

To cancel, press the button again.

Repeat play

Repeating a track

Press (RPT) or

To cancel, press the
button once more (type A and B), or twice more (type C).

Repeating all of the tracks on a CD (type C only)

Press (RPT) twice.

cancel, press the button again.

Switching the display

Press .

Each time is pressed, the
display changes in the following order: Type A: Track no./Elapsed time → CD title → Track name.

Type B and C: Track title → Track name/Artist name → Track name/ Elapsed time.

Display (type A only)

Up to 12 characters can be displayed at a time.

If there are 13 characters or more, pressing and holding for 1 second or more will display
the remaining characters.

A maximum of 24 characters can be displayed.

If is pressed for 1 second or
more again or has not been pressed for 6 seconds or more, the display will return to the first 12 characters.

Depending on the contents recorded, the characters may not be displayed properly or may not be displayed at all.

Error messages

“CD CHECK”: This indicates a problem either with the CD or inside the player. The CD may be dirty, damaged or inserted up-side down.

“WAIT” or “PLEASE WAIT”: Operation has stopped due to a high temperature inside the player. Wait for a while and then press or
. Contact your Toyota dealer if the
CD still cannot be played back.

Discs that can be used

Discs with the marks shown below can be used.

Playback may not be possible depending on the recording format or disc features, or due to scratches, dirt or deterioration.

CDs with copy-protection features may not be used.

CD player protection feature

To protect the internal components, playback is automatically stopped when a problem is detected while the CD player is being used.

If CDs are left inside the CD player or in the ejected position for extended periods

CDs may be damaged and may not play properly.

Lens cleaners

Do not use lens cleaners. Doing so may damage the CD player.


CDs and adapters that cannot be used

Do not use the following types of CDs, 3 in. (8 cm) CD adapters or Dual Discs.

Doing so may damage the CD player and/or the CD insert/eject function.

• CD player with changer and AM/FM radio: CDs that have a diameter that is not 4.7 in. (12 cm)

• Low-quality and deformed CDs

• CDs with a transparent or translucent recording area

• CDs that have had tape, stickers or CDR labels attached to them, or that have had the label peeled off


CD player precautions

Failure to follow the precautions below may result in serious damage to the CDs or the player itself.

• Do not insert anything other than CDs into the CD slot.

• Do not apply oil to the CD player.

• Store CDs away from direct sunlight.

• Never try to disassemble any part of the CD player.

• Do not insert more than one CD at a time.

Loading CDs
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Playing MP3 and WMA discs
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