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PRECAUTION 1. PRECAUTIONS WHEN WORKING ON ELECTRIC STEERING LOCK (a) After replacing the steering lock actuator assembly (steering lock ECU), perform key ID code registration. (b) After replacing ...

System Description
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION 1. DESCRIPTION (a) The steering lock system locks or unlocks the steering by activating the steering lock bar with a motor. The steering lock ECU activates the motor based on ...

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Black Screen
PROCEDURE 1. CHECK DISPLAY SETTING (a) Check that the display is not in screen off mode. OK: The display setting is not in screen off mode. NG CHANGE SCREEN TO SCREEN ON MODE ...

Changing the registered name of a portable player
Select “Change Name” using a voice command or . Select the name of the portable player to be changed by either of the following methods, and select “Confirm” using a voice command or : a. Press the talk switch and say the name of desired port ...

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