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No Answer-Back
DESCRIPTION In some cases, the wireless door lock control functions are normal but the hazard warning light and/or wireless door lock buzzer answer-back function(s) does not operate. In such case ...

Air Conditioning Amplifier

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System Description
SYSTEM DESCRIPTION 1. GENERAL (a) To assist the driver with parking the vehicle by displaying an image of the area behind the vehicle, this system has a rear television camera assembly mounted on the back door. The system displays the image on the radio ...

Lost Communication with Rear Floor Airbag Sensor RH (B1676/85,B1677/85)
DESCRIPTION HINT: "Rear floor airbag sensor RH" refers to the rear floor side airbag sensor. The rear floor side airbag sensor circuit consists of the center airbag sensor and rear floor side airbag sensor. The rear floor side airba ...

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