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Toyota 4Runner: Door Control Transmitter(w/o Smart Key System)

Toyota 4Runner Service Manual / Vehicle Interior / Door Lock / Door Control Transmitter(w/o Smart Key System)

Door Control Transmitter(w/ Smart Key System)
Components COMPONENTS ILLUSTRATION Removal REMOVAL CAUTION / NOTICE / HINT NOTICE: Take extra care when handling these precision electronic components. PROCEDURE 1. REMOVE TRANSMITTER B ...


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Noise Occurs
PROCEDURE 1. NOISE CONDITION (a) Check from which direction the noise comes (front left or right, or rear left or right). OK: The location of the noise source can be determined. NG GO TO STEP 3 ...

DISASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 1. REMOVE FRONT AXLE WITH ABS ROTOR BEARING ASSEMBLY LH (a) Gently fix the front axle hub in a vise between aluminum plates. (b) Using SST, remove the bearing. SST: 09710-300 ...

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