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Toyota 4Runner: Engine Immobiliser System(w/ Smart Key System)

Toyota 4Runner Service Manual / Vehicle Interior / Theft Deterrent / Keyless Entry / Engine Immobiliser System(w/ Smart Key System)

INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. INSTALL HOOD LOCK ASSEMBLY (a) Apply MP grease to the sliding areas of the hood lock assembly. (b) Connect the hood lock control cable assembly. (c) Connect the connecto ...

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INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1. INSPECT SEAT HEATER SWITCH LH (a) Measure the resistance according to the value(s) in the table below. Standard Resistance: Tester Connection Switch Condition Specified Condition ...

Speedometer Malfunction
DESCRIPTION The combination meter receives vehicle speed signals from the skid control ECU via the CAN communication line. The wheel speed sensors output voltages that vary according to the vehicle speed. The skid control ECU supplies power to the wheel ...

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